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Overview Symptomatic upper extremity arterial occlusive disease is uncommon because of the abundant collateral network and the infrequency of atherosclerosis in the upper extremity. Patients who present with upper extremity ischemia range from young adults with nonatherosclerotic causes to elderly patients with atherosclerosis.   Problems Arterial occlusive disease of the upper extremity may represent either […]

Intrathecal Pump Transplant

An intrathecal pump works to relieve chronic pain by inserting small amounts of medicine directly into the intrathecal space (area surrounding the spinal cord) to prevent pain signals.  

Exercises for Hip Pain

Exercises that increase strength and flexibility can reduce hip pain. Learn the right way to train the key muscles that support the hip.   Building strength and increasing flexibility are two ways to reduce hip pain. Strengthening the muscles around the hip helps support the joint and puts less stress on the hip, says Dr. […]