Doctor for Back Pain in Delhi

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Get an effective back pain treatment at our pain management clinic in Delhi. Consult with Best doctor for back pain in Delhi for better diagnosis and better results. With our best treatment options which include spinal mobility exercises, epidural injections, TENS, acupuncture, get the best neck pain treatment at our clinic by the best doctor for back pain in Delhi.

doctor for back pain in Delhi.

Two thirds of our population suffers from the back pain, most of the cases are found to be simple lower back pain, can be caused by the various range of strains and sprains that can be cured by doing regular exercises, developing a better posture, weight loss etc. For the better treatment and better diagnosis, must consult with best doctor for back pain in Delhi.

Dr. Ashu Jain, the leading pain management specialist of India also leading the pain management department at Artemis Hospital heading the successful pain treatments either with minimally invasive and medical procedures.

A one stop solution for the treatment of all painful conditions such as back Pain, neck Pain, slip disc, shoulder pain , sciatica , Trigeminal Neuralgia, failed back surgery syndrome,  cluster headache, cancer pain , neuropathic pain like diabetic neuropathy, post herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, CRPS, phantom limb etc. Our main goal is to empower our patients to live a pain free life.

Feel free to consult the best doctor for back pain in Delhi.