Headache and Migraine

Overview & Facts

When is a headache a migraine? How can you tell? The Jain Pain Clinic will help you take the first steps toward finding relief for you or your child.

Headache Overview


Migraines are painful headaches often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light.

Headaches in Children

Children’s headaches occur for the same reasons adults get headaches. See how they are evaluated and diagnosed in children and adolescents.

FAQ: Headaches and Migraine: Cause and Treatments

Get answers to frequent concerns about headaches and migraines. Read about the role of caffeine and pain relievers as causes of headaches.

Migraine Phases

A migraine episode can be a complicated event, with symptoms that change over hours or even days. Migraines tend to progress through several stages.

10 Terms Every Migraine Sufferer Should Know

If you have migraines, learning a few new words may help you better understand and describe your symptoms.


Hormones and Headaches

More women suffer from migraines. Menstrual migraines or hormone headaches — female hormones are to blame.

Migraines Triggered by Tyramine

In some people, certain foods and drinks — or components they contain — can trigger a migraine. One well-accepted migraine trigger is tyramine.

Sleep Deficiency and Migraines

Improved sleeping habits can reduce migraine headaches. See how.

Children With Headaches: Weight Connection

Overweight children and teens are more likely than thinner youngsters to have more frequent and severe headaches.

Medication Headaches

Many drugs can induce headaches; find out if your medication is on this list.

Are You at Risk?

Exercise and Sex Headaches: Getting Physical Can Mean Frequent Headaches
Exercise and sex may seem like strange bedfellows, but both trigger headaches.

Foods That Trigger Migraines

Is dinner causing dismal migraines? Learn what to avoid and get tips on controlling migraine food triggers.

Smoking Can Trigger Headaches

If you’re sensitive, smoking and secondhand smoke can ignite frequent and sometime severe headaches.

Caffeine Headaches: Friend or Foe?

Caffeine can serve as a treatment for headaches or cause caffeine headaches from withdrawal. See how.


Prevent Migraine Headaches

Don’t just put up with them. Learn how to prevent migraine headaches and treat them.