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Pain can cause a dreadful effect on one's quality of life. Jain's Pain Clinic of India features India's leading pain Specialists who are focused on  relieving the pain and identifying the real cause that may be contributing to pain. We use most effective techniques to completely eliminate your discomfort and pain. Our treatment plans are created through a collaborative medical approach, which involves a combination of therapies to eliminate pain more efficiently and the issues that may be causing the pain. For the best Pain Treatment & faster results must prefer our Pain Clinic of India.

pain clinic of india

At Jain's Pain Clinic of India, we manage all pain conditions with our effective invasive and non - invasive pain procedures. We first discover the cause of your pain and then help you to get back to living you a pain free life.

We have well equipped modular operation theater with all kinds of facilities and in house physiotherapy department to deal with all types of chronic pain conditions. At Jain's Pain Clinic of India, pain is managed through different methods, including interventions, medications, physiotherapy, psychological consultations, invasive and non-invasive procedures for a successful pain treatment. Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder pain, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Failed back Surgery Syndrome, Facial pain, fibromyalgia, Phantom Limb, CRPS, Cluster Headache, Cancer Pain, Neuropathic Pain like Diabetic Neuropathy, Postherpetic Neuralgia etc. are all cured at Jain's Pain Clinic of India.

At Jain's Pain Clinic of India, we understand the disappointment of people suffering from chronic pain visiting our clinic daily. By influencing the best technology and current pain treatments, Dr. Ashu Jain believes in creating a sustainable pain management solutions to the patients. We empower our patients to live a pain free life. For best pain treatment must consult with our India's leading pain specialists at our Jain's Pain Clinic of India.

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